Vote Frenzy Interview

Written by Breakroom Team

On April 6, 2022

Breakroom Benefits is excited to release details of our recent conversation with Frank, the CEO at Vote Frenzy. We were eager to dig in and ask key questions to truly grasp their brand initiative, objectives, and accomplishments, as well as their goals in partnering with Breakroom Benefits. Continue reading to learn more about Vote Frenzy! 

Who is Frank?

Frank is a Midwest native and an MBA graduate of the University of Michigan. He’s worked at Microsoft and T-Mobile, where he was a senior level executive. He played a key role in the development of PC gaming and the critical underpinning technology that allows people to work from home today. He was the first Director of Mobile Data for T-Mobile, where he helped designed the creation of their unlimited data plans. Frank has an ambitious spirit and enjoys educating people about the value of the information they share on the internet. He has dedicated many years to exploring advanced concepts in database marketing and is now Chief Product Officer at Vote Frenzy.

What Is the Story Behind Vote Frenzy? 

Vote Frenzy was founded in the beginning by two gentlemen in Arizona. Originally, they envisioned Vote Frenzy as a mobile polling platform. The notion was to use mobile technology to isolate an audience in a certain geographic location and then ask them questions. They were genuinely attempting to provide their audience with a voice.  

 Vote Frenzy seeks to deliver a technology that rewards people in a variety of ways. It aims to reward them with the ability to comprehend how others feel about particular situations, but it also has an economic component. We are also increasing awareness through advertising. By implementing polls and analyzing the responses, we’re encouraging a more in-depth examination of subjects. As a result, the brand experience is always pleasant. We’re looking forward to providing people with excellent polls that entertain and educate them, as well as eCommerce components that enable them to purchase discounted products. 

What Is Vote Frenzy? 

To put it simply, Vote Frenzy is like using Instagram or TikTok, but for polls. For example, when you encounter an image, it asks a question and then shows various answers. When you react, Vote Frenzy provides you a voucher for a discount related to that category or topic matter. However, rather than using generic statistics from Google Analytics or Facebook, Vote Frenzy may send a message or offer to you based on your response to an inquiry. This is where it genuinely differentiates itself from other platforms, and where small businesses benefit from it. 

 Vote Frenzy is a combination of multiple previously isolated technologies integrated together to create a more seamless user experience. With Vote Frenzy, you’re engaging with prospects to elicit information about their needs, wants, and desires, then rewarding them with targeted discounts on products and services to establish the reciprocity necessary for engagement trust. It is a true consumer driven platform. 

How Does Vote Frenzy Work? 

Vote Frenzy lets users answer questions and earn rewards through a unique, game-like user experience where you compete for prizes with other players. It educates people through polls and compensates them for their time and honesty through coupons or discounts on goods and services. Thus, a targeted audience, a question, and an acceptable offer combine to produce an experience based on a game comparable to today’s social media sharing.  

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What Is the Value of Vote Frenzy? 

Vote Frenzy benefits both the consumer and the companies that make the games and polls. For example, Vote Frenzy’s technology allows businesses to log customers in to play a mobile game directly from their site. This is beneficial for small businesses since you are instructing individuals through questions and rewarding them for connecting and sharing information. They benefit from your education. 

 Consider a company that spends 20% of its marketing budget on customer research. Vote Frenzy gives them all that customer research for free. We save them money, but we also give them a more direct communication channel and end-user incentives via discounts. The goal is to reduce distribution costs while increasing sales. 

 You can even make our surveys internal, available only to your employees or partners, to better understand your workforce. For example, if an employee dislikes the dental insurance provided and Vote Frenzy enquired, the employee would be more honest than if HR inquired directly. In the end, people will only trust you if they believe you. Vote Frenzy has created an anonymity response paradigm that protects people while allowing them to be honest.  

How Does Vote Frenzy Raise Consumer Engagement? 

Our entire Q&A strategy, as well as the possibility of collecting points and winning prizes, is designed to increase consumer engagement. At Vote Frenzy, we’ve created an incentive model that promotes the idea that people can earn more by being authentic. Skipping through the questions and guessing will cause you to earn fewer points and not get the reward. This is how a game can generate engagement, increase familiarity, and finally increase purchases using a coupon. 

 Vote Frenzy can validate concepts, familiarize individuals with your brand, or simply be for fun. We’re hoping that businesses will use the platform, be creative with it, incorporate small videos, more esoteric questions, and other elements that help define their brand. Then, when people play their games, they enjoy the experience; they learn about their brand, and they feel compelled and motivated to purchase their products. 

How Do Your Quizzes and Savings Work? 

Vote Frenzy is a multimedia platform. So, when you ask a question, you typically have one that has images or even video. You can include multimedia into the games and make it more interesting with your questions. 

 As for prizes, Vote Frenzy has a deal with a national coupon provider to deliver local coupons to those who answer questions. We use this resource to the best of our ability to assure that customers and/or potential prospects receive economic value for participating in Vote Frenzy. However, if a business does not wish to distribute another entities voucher, we also provide the option for them to design their own. We do not charge for this service. 

What Is a Recent Success Story? 

Vote Frenzy recently partnered with a seed organization for America’s Got Talent. This business held a contest for local talent to perform and for fans to express their opinions. The fans in the audience could vote on the acts in real time, from their mobile device. Of two thousand attendees, 85 percent downloaded the app when prompted by the contest’s organizer, voting on the acts as they appeared. So, the judges, in real-time, had a good understanding of what the crowd felt about any act. They then used that data to drive their decision making.  

 The beauty of the platform is that all the games can be unique, and the prizes can be anything you want it to be. We’re hoping that the creativity of the audiences out there, and of the sponsors and businesses using it will drive a remarkably interesting game that people will enjoy playing. 

Is Vote Frenzy’s Excited About It’s Partnership with Breakroom Benefits? 

We’re delighted to partner with Breakroom Benefits because you serve a diverse range of businesses with many consumer types. We at Vote Frenzy feel we will be a tremendous benefit to these businesses by gaining a better understanding of their clients, thus increasing the efficiency of their marketing, and boosting sales. Together, Genius Benefits and Vote Frenzy represent a massive opportunity to assist small businesses, large enterprises, and individuals in interacting in a way that benefits all involved. 

Do You Have Any Final Thoughts? 

Vote Frenzy is an incredible platform, and the client journey is the most effective structure for understanding it. We’ve built a platform that combines some of the most innovative marketing concepts and technologies to offer an entirely new channel of engagement for businesses. We assist you in understanding your audience using polls, and we supply the coupons that facilitate the sale. This way, you achieve the frequency desired for brand equity and goodwill development. And, of course, at the end of the day, it’s supposed to be fun. You’re interacting with your customers via a mobile game. What could be a more enticing way to engage today’s technologically savvy audiences? 

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